Women’s Army Corps (WAC)

Links to Posts About the WAC

What is the Women’s Army Corps?

Who Could Join the WACs?

1943 WAC Recruiting Ad

The WACs–They Did 155 Important Army Jobs

WAC Uniforms During World War II

Why Did Women Join the WACs During WWII?

Photo: 1945, Fort Oglethorpe, Company 11, 21st Regiment

World War II Enlistment Records Available on National Archives Website

First Day at Fort Oglethorpe

Description of Boot Camp in 1944 Recruiting Brochure

Pallas Athena: The WAC Insignia

The Slander Campaign

Yes, by Cracky (Song Lyrics)

The K.P.s Are Scrubbing Away – WAC Version (Song Lyrics)

Millers Brother Company WAC Book (Chattanooga/Fort Oglethorpe)

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Marian Solomon's midlife transition from the farm to the Women's Army Corps (WACs)

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