Miller Brothers Company WAC Book

WAC book 1

Among the items of Aunt Marian’s that I found in my parent’s attic was a small booklet published by the Miller Brothers Company department store in Chattanooga. The booklet apparently was given to new WACs who were in basic training at nearby Fort Oglethorpe. It describes the store and the general area, and includes some blank pages at the back.

WAC book 2

WAC book 3

WAC book 4

WAC book 5

I was amazed that the first few pages of this book don’t describe the various departments in the store, but rather focus on personal shoppers, a mailing room (the women must have wanted to mail gifts home to family and friends), and food.

There are  more pages–I’ll share a few of them in future posts.

The store no longer exists, but the building was so awesome that today it is on the National Register of Historic Places.

35 thoughts on “Miller Brothers Company WAC Book”

  1. That’s a bittersweet booklet. I wish the store was still there, it must’ve been a real treat for the WAC’s to have such care and attention while serving our country. 🙂


    1. Wow, great picture! Thanks for sharing the link. You did a better job searching for pictures than me. I did a very quick google search on the store name, and came up with some text about the National Register of Historic Places, but didn’t find any good pictures,

      I wonder if there was a charge to use the personal shopper. It doesn’t seem like WACs would have been able to pay much.

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    1. I loved L.L. Sterns.Thanks reminding me of it. We only went shopping in Williamsport once or twice a year–and L.L Sterns seemed really special. I do remember the elevator with the man sitting on the little stool and the lever he had to pull up and down to open and close the door. Do you remember the pet shop with the Myna bird on the 3rd or 4th floor? That was my absolute favorite part of the store.


        1. Hmm. . .I don’t remember that, but probably never shopped there in December. (We did most of our Christmas shopping in Milton. It was before Agnes and back when Milton still had a nice little downtown.) My memory is that we went to Williamsport twice a year–once during Dollar Days in Feb. (back when a sale really was a sale) and once during the summer.

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  2. The Tea Room and cafeteria are only open from 11 am to 2pm, how odd…what a clever idea to have a booklet made that could be kept handy at one’s fingertips at all times. The wording really speaks to customer service. Just phone Jane or write us… we sure don’t have that type of customer service or customer-centric focus nowadays!
    Diana xo


    1. I didn’t key in on the hours that the tea room was open until I read your comment–but now that you mention it, it does seem really odd. You’d think that shoppers would want a place to have some tea (and maybe a dessert) later in the afternoon.

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    1. Interesting. . . You’d think that the army would frown on Jane wearing a uniform. I can’t quite tell whether the capital “C” was a typo or used to let the WACs know the this was a Really Important booklet. 🙂

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    1. It does sound like a special place to shop. I think the thing that surprised me most was how little of the booklet dealt with traditional store departments (women’s clothing, housewares, jewelry, etc.)


  3. This brought back memories of the Younkers Store in Des Moines I wrote about. The tea room was such a special place, and going there to shop was an all day experience.

    Oglethorpe is south of Macon. It would have been quite a jaunt up to Chattanooga. I suppose for a three-day leave it would be doable, depending on the kind of transportation they had available. In any event, it’s wonderful that they made the effort to accomodate the women.


  4. Sheryl, I’m behind and playing catch-up this morning! Good link with the national register of historic places and you’ve got some great links in the comments too. So interesting! ~Elle


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