Photo: 1945, Fort Oglethorpe, Company 11, 21st Regiment

1945 Fort Oglethorpe, Company 11, 21st Regiment, WAC
1945 Fort Oglethorpe, Company 11, 21st Regiment, WAC

The blogging community is wonderful. Over the years many readers have directed me to great finds and  resources. Recently Shore Acres suggested that I look at the the Military Yearbook Project website.

And. . . drum roll please. . .  I found a photo of Aunt Marian’s company and Regiment. Thank you, Shore Acres!

Which woman is Aunt Marian?   There are a  lot of women, but I think it might be the 2nd woman from the left in the 3rd row.  What do you think?

20 thoughts on “Photo: 1945, Fort Oglethorpe, Company 11, 21st Regiment”

  1. I agree with you,Sheryl. It also looks like there were a few around her age. I wonder if the kitty was also in that company or if it was a pop in.


    1. I wondered about the kitty, too. I hope that the officers let the cat be part of the group. It seems like a cat could do wonders to improve the new WACs moral. .


    1. I wonder if anyone wrote all those names on the back of their copy of the photo. When I label photos I tend to give up when I have a photo with a very large group.


  2. I agree with her location in the photo. I looked at it in comparison to the main photo on the left side of your blog screen. It is difficult to pick someone out in these old photos. I have several photographs aboard my father’s ship and I’ve never been able to really pick out if I have one of him.


  3. That’s a great photo. I am surprised there are so many women in this one photo. Hard to see the faces of the ones in the back row..


  4. This just tickles me to death. I can’t really tell from the photo tonight, but I’m working wtih an old laptop while I’m traveling. When I get home, I’ll take another look. That really is exciting that you might have found her in the picture!

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    1. It’s hard to tell, but something about the one woman in the 3rd row really makes me think that it’s the same person who is in the individual photo that I have of Aunt Marian.


  5. So exciting! It is so hard to tell though if the one you pointed out is her.
    Check out all those hair perms!
    And i’m so glad someone pointed out the kitty on the move 🙂


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