16 thoughts on “Description of Basic Training in 1944 Recruiting Brochure”

  1. You know what strikes me? How simple it all is. Today, it would take 138 pages of absolutely impenetrable “bureaucratese” to say the same thing. And it wouldn’t sound nearly as appealing as this.

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  2. My Aunt, mother’s youngest sister, joined the WAVES in1942 or 43. She shared many similar memories with me. She went in as a Lt. As she already had a college degree. She was invited to attend the Women’s Memorial when it opened in Wa DC a few years ago. So I am really enjoying these posts. Thank you.


    1. It’s wonderful to hear that you are enjoying this blog. It’s awesome that your aunt was invited to the Women’s Memorial opening. I’m hoping to visit it sometime.


  3. I find the wording, “you’ll learn the common sense of Army regulations” amusing. Never could find common sense when I was doing my time. However the best sign I saw was when being processed out. It was a hand written signed placed out of eye sight of officers. It read “The U.S. Army 200 years of traditions unhampered by progress.”

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