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How Much Did WACs Earn in WWII? . . . and What Were the WAC Grades?

WAC grades & pay 1944 Daughter WAC (1)
Source: Someone to be Proud of: Your Daughter in the WAC (1944)

I’m still trying to figure why Aunt Marian had a box of military badges—and what units the badges represent. But I have determined that some of them represent various WAC ranks.

I found this chart in a 1944 recruiting publication aimed at parents, called Someone to be Proud Of: Your Daughter in the WAC, which not only shows the grades, but also the monthly pay received at each level. Who won’t want to join the WACs when they get $50 a month in “spending money”?

WAC badges in Aunt Marian’s Collection

WAC Badges: Technician Fifth Grade
Technician Fifth Grade (Pay=$66 per month)
WAC Badges--Technician Third Grade and Technician Fourth Grade
Top left and bottom: Technician, Fourth Grade (pay==$78); Top right: Technician, Third Grade (pay=$96 per month)
WAC badge-staff sargent
Staff Sergeant (Pay=$96 per month)