34 thoughts on “Beauty Salon Advertisement Aimed at WACs”

  1. It must’ve of been a total change when they joined the WACs.I can’t imagine their struggle to maintain the social view of femininity and also carry out their military duties.
    I hadn’t realized what connection with the military that Chattanooga had.


  2. Wonderful! I just read the previous post as well, and I love that the community came together for these women. It must have given them so much support and encouragement! I,too, love the phrase “loveliness for wartime careers”.
    I’m loving these posts, Sheryl.


  3. Actually, this isn’t so strange, once I thought about how many of the WACs were being trained for jobs which would release men for fighting. And of course, it’s good marketing on the part of the store as well as a nice support for the women. I suspect more than a few were worried about what those caps were going to do to their hair.


    1. I had similar thoughts about it being good marketing. I read somewhere that some of the women who joined the WACs felt really bad that a man who previously had a desk job might be sent to the front because they joined.


  4. That phrase about “wartime loveliness” is going to haunt me, I think! It’s so . . . odd. But the store was making very clever marketing decisions, I think–everyone was just trying to figure out this new reality!

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  5. My daughter is in her high school NJROTC program and grooming in uniform is part of their grade on a weekly basis. The difficulty for the females is their hair. If you have long hair you can pull it back in a chignon or if you have really short hair you don’t have to do anything other then have it nicely groomed. It’s when your hair is in between like a bob or something else above the shoulders that you don’t have enough hair to pull back and too much to leave alone. My daughter changed to a short hair style because her length was too difficult.


    1. Thanks for sharing this information. . . I hadn’t thought about how some hair lengths are more difficult to keep well-groomed. I bet the WACs also had to meet certain grooming requirements.

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