Put Flowers on Tomb of Unknown Soldier

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier  (Source Wikipedia)
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Source Wikipedia)

The previous post described how some of Aunt Marian’s items were donated to the Pennsylvania Military Museum in the early 1980s. When the donation was made, her sister Ruth wrote a letter that described  Marian . Here’s another portion of Ruth’s letter:

She never married, which she explained by saying the man must have been killed in World War I. Therefore he must have been “the unknown soldier” in Arlington, Va! So she would make a point of visiting the tomb and drop a flower there every time she was in Washington, D.C. (We had a sister 2 years older than Marian whose husband was in World War I that lived in Washington, D.C.) 

Florence was the sister who lived in D.C.  I keep going back and forth on whether I think Aunt Marian actually had a boyfriend who died in WWI. I tend to think that she didn’t, but that it was a fun way to joke around with her sisters. What do you think?


27 thoughts on “Put Flowers on Tomb of Unknown Soldier”

  1. Saying it would be one thing. Leaving the flower is another. I suspect there’s some sort of truth in what she said, but I wouldn’t even begin to judge what it might have been. Another mystery!


  2. The poignancy of her words and actions really move me. So many young men died in that war . . . never to marry whomever they were fated for. The notion that “her” man was one who died, before she could meet him, is romantic and so sad . . .

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  3. Hello Sheryl, it’s so nice to be visiting your blog (or any blog) for the first time in a couple weeks!
    And yes, I love that she joked around with her sisters!


  4. It’s too bad that you can’t unlock the mystery! It is so cool she would always place the rose for the unknown soldier! Have a wonderful Friday and great weekend! Hugz Lisa and Bear


  5. I agree with those who said she meant that her unknown husband died in the war, not meaning anybody specific. Probably just a reply to those who asked why she wasn’t married.


    1. Thanks for checking on me. All is fine. I’ve just been very busy with other things–and am taking a bit of a “blogcation”. I’ll be back blogging soon!. I appreciate all of the comments and kinds words from you and the others.


    1. Thanks everyone for checking on me. I appreciate it. Everything’s fine. I’m enjoying the beautiful summer days, and just haven’t had time for much blogging.


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