17 thoughts on “Yes, By Cracky Lyrics”

    1. I agree! However, I find that many people interested in the history of the women’s movement struggle with how to handle the WACs. Some find it concerning that the women weren’t fully integrated into the military–even though it was a real advance for women at the time. Others have very mixed feelings about the general role of the military in the US. This is something I’d really like to delve into more.


      1. I find this dichotomy really interesting as well! While I would be rooting for equal opportunity for women who want(ed) to serve, on the other hand, I would prefer that there were no need for escalation in military actions around the world. Ironically, America became the World’s Policeman as a result of WW2. I guess the WACs helped!


  1. There was no “women’s movement” as we understand in the 1940s. It’s wrong to judge people who lived sixty years ago — and prior to such radical changes – by the standards of today. Many of today’s so-called feminists have no idea what real women went through during the 1960s and 1970s in order to find a larger role in society and its institutions. Trust me on that one. 😉

    I do love the line about falling asleep in class. I can only imagine how tired some of them must have been, as they adjusted to their new routines.

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    1. You[re absolutely right that the changes have been glacial in the years since WWII. I can remember when I looked for jobs when I was a teen-ager that the newspaper employment section had two subheadings: “Jobs-Men.” and “Jobs-Women.”


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