Good Luck! “45”

WAC book 8aBefore leaving the WAC Book that was printed by Miller Brothers Company department store in Chattanooga, I want to share one last page.

The latter part of the booklet contained pages where the WAC could enter her schedule. Instead Aunt Marian used it as an address book. It appears that she asked the other women to write their contact information in the booklet before they all left Fort Oglethorpe and headed in different directions.

What I really want you to notice is the note one women wrote, “Good Luck, ’45.’” Aunt Marian was 45-years-old, and older than most of her peers. I think that we now know her nickname at boot camp—45.

31 thoughts on “Good Luck! “45””

    1. I wonder if she actually kept in touch with the other WACs after they went in different directions. . . And, I wish I had some of the letters–though they are probably long gone.


  1. It’s nice that enough bonding took place that they wanted to stay in touch. It must have made the next step feel a little easier, now that a group of them had “made it through” their basic and had survived.


      1. Wow, you have amazing research skills! I think you found a photo of her company. She was in Company 11, Regiment 21 in 1945. There’s a picture of that company on the page you linked to.

        I think that I might have even be able to pick Aunt Marian out in the photo, though it’s hard to be certain.

        I’m definitely going to have to do a post on this. Thanks!

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  2. Hmmm…you probably are right. I am noticing that the “45” is written on a different slant, and there is no comma after “Good luck!” It seems almost an afterthought. (I am just playing history detective beyond a shadow of a doubt) 🙂 If you have their names, and they are significantly younger than your aunt, have you considered looking any of them up to see who might be alive and remember “45”?


  3. I hadn’t thought about it before–but you’re right, the angle is different. I wonder why it was written like that.

    It would be incredibly amazing if I could find one who was still living–but it feels like it would be a needle in a hay stack. Even the younger ones would be quite elderly by now. I’ve googled some of the names and come up with a few relatively recent obituaries.

    When I did this post, I wasn’t sure whether I should show the names and addresses. There doesn’t really seem like there’s any reason not to show them after all these years–but I was quite sure, so I didn’t do it.

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  4. “45” makes me feel like you she was endeared in the group and by the younger women. I love that you found a photo in the link that Shoreacres shared with you! What a find!


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